Take a front row seat and dive into a colorful universe of fashion and travel by Maxime Morren.

The Front Row, shortly known as TFR, is a fashion and travel website founded in July 2014 by Maxime Morren.
TFR documents Maxime’s style, her inspirations and everything in between. What started out as a hobby has grown into a brand that represents Maxime as both a fashion personality and influencer. Although TFR only just turned 1, there already have been lots of collaborations with many brands, including (although not limited to): Triangl Swimwear, Scapa World and

This wouldn’t be possible without the help of her partners in crime, Frederik and Jens.
Thanks to Frederik, aka the photographer/boyfriend, The Front Row manages to surprise her readers with beautiful shooting locations and photo material from all over the world.
Thanks to Jens, aka the web designer, The Front Row manages to keep up her fresh and modern web appearance.

Currently, Maxime’s combining her blog with a job as a buyer for the Belgian fashion concept store ‘ZIN. Leuven’. Her aims are to build out her professional portfolio and to make a successful story out of The Front Row.

The journey continues.


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