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A Winter Escape

Review: Hotel Jardin Tropical.

I’d never thought that it would only take a 4h flight from Belgium to get to a place with tropical December temperatures. Frederik and I were in desperate need of some winter sun, so Tenerife seemed the perfect choice for a December holiday. To be completely honest, we were a little hesitant about going around the Christmas period. But looking back on it, it’s definitely something that we would do again. We just loved celebrating Christmas with just the two of us. And with some cocktails of course.. 😉
We stayed at the Jardin Tropical. The hotel is located right in the heart of the Costa Adeje, one of Tenerife’s most famous regions.

Here are my 5 favorite things about Jardin Tropical:
1.) The gym. The hotel itself just underwent a complete renovation. Although the works weren’t quite finished when we were there, they were barely noticeable. The best aspect about the renovation, if you ask me, is the gym area with a dazzling view over the ocean.  You can even take free sport sessions every day. I would recommend the yoga and body stretching lessons.
2.) The friendliness. It’s an understatement to say that the hotel seems to be very popular amongst us Belgians. Normally, I’m not used to hearing my own language that much on a holiday haha, but I must say it provided a very home-like atmosphere. Even if you’re not from Belgium, I can assure you that you’ll immediately feel welcome. If not by the glass of cava upon arrival, then by the friendliness of the entire hotel staff.
3.) Las Rocas. Jardin Tropical even has its very own beach club! And Las Rocas doesn’t only harbour a beach club, but also a well-known fish restaurant. Frederik and I enjoyed going there for a light lunch, or a romantic dinner 😉 . The food was great. I think I’ve never ever tasted a lobster this good (ànd affordable).
4). The sunset bar.
I think most of you already know that I’m a big fan of cocktails. To me, there’s nothing more relaxing on a holiday than to lay on a sunbed, while reading a good book and sipping a cocktail. The sunset bar was also our go-to spot right before dinner to once again (because if you can’t do this on a holiday, then when can you he?) enjoy our favorite cocktail. And, you guys, only 8 euros for an amazing cocktail, have you every heard something like this before?!
5). The cabanas.
I think Frederik and I spent most of our time either exercising or sunbathing. When sunbathing, we always preferred the cabanas over the regular sunbeds. They aren’t located close to the pool, but you have te most amazing ocean view. While laying there, enjoying the sun, sipping our cocktails and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, we really felt like we were in heaven.💙


For more information about Hotel Jardin Tropical, click here.


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