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My favorite season.

Pumpkin spice and everything nice.

I know that the end of Halloween goes hand in hand with the start of Christmas (yay!), but I can’t quite say goodbye to those Fall vibes yet. Earlier this week, I first made pumpkin soup, then decorated the empty pumpkin, and ended up in my cozy sofa with a cup of my homemade soup to watch The Nightmare before Christmas. Could Fall just get any better than that? Well, apparently yes, since Balenciaga came up with this ultracool two-way bomber. I wore this look yesterday for a sunny stroll through Hasselt, and opted for the orange side of the bomber (the other side is black). I felt like a real life pumpkin, but in a good -fashionable- way haha. Pumpkin spice and everything nice, right?! 😉🎃


Balenciaga bomber & pants / America Today body / Chanel bag / Proenza Schouler shoes / Rayban shades


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