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TFR for SHEIN pt. 2

The one timeless piece you shouldn’t live without.. 

As I already mentioned in a previous article, I collaborated with Shein to come up with two cool, trendy and affordable outfits to show you guys. This here is the second one. I went for a jeans jacket since I’m convinced it will never go out of style. You can literally wear it with anything, to any occasion. There are about hundred (or even more) versions of it: tailored, oversized, with/without collar, with/without sleeves, crossover or straight buttoned, or maybe even with a little (faux) fur on/in it,.. I can think of so many different examples, it’s crazy 🙈. And then I didn’t even start talking about the color! I can’t wait to wear this cool baby with a tight pullover and some dark blue boyfriend jeans. Or with a maxi knit dress and some sneakers.. Although the outfit in my photos is 100% summer proof, when I look at this jeans jacket (and the weather here in Belgium..), I can definitely start planning my fall looks. 🍄🍂🍁🍃
Also this smitten by the jeans jacket as I am? For only $30, it can be yours.. 😱


Shein jeans jacket / MM6 dress / Chanel bag & espadrilles / Balenciaga cap


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