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TFR for SHEIN pt. 1

Express yourself.

I teamed up with Shein to create a few unique outfits, and this here is one of them. I always tend to ‘make an outfit mine’ by adding my very own special touch. Fashion gives you the opportunity to express yourself through your clothing, your shoes, your accessories. And that’s something truly amazing if you ask me. You can give 50 people the same fashion item, and all 50 will combine in it a different way. I always like to combine high-end pieces with budget-friendly ones. Although I’m very much against the fact that big clothing retailers (such as Zara for example) copy designers and their ideas, I’m convinced that fashion should be for everyone. Everyone deserves the chance to be stylish without spending thousands of euros. Shein really gets that, and that’s also why I decided to collaborate with them. The outfit I’m wearing is cute, trendy and within everyone’s price range. You can shop it here for only 14 dollars.. Crazy, right?! 😍


Shein two-piece / Balenciaga sandals & bag / Shade The Brand sunglasses


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