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How I prepare for Fashion Week


Most of you wouldn’t think it, but there goes a lot of work and effort into a fashion week (preparation). The outfits aren’t just handpicked in the morning, and an Instagram photo won’t be posted without any consideration..  Here’s how it all comes together:

1. The hotel
Months in advance, Frederik and I start searching for hotels. And that isn’t as easy as it seems. The hotel has to be the right fit for us, meaning ‘a hotel that completes the TFR atmosphere’. It has to have the right location ànd -of course- it has to be willing to work with us 😄.
2. The outfits
There are a thousand different things you have to take into account. Every Fashion Week (New York, London, Milan and Paris are the most important ones) has its one unique style. I always try my best to adapt my outfits as much as possible to this. It’s known that NYFW has a more sleek and polished vibe, LFW a more eccentric one, MFW is all about bright and sexy colors and PFW is the most fashionable one. Since its now Paris’s turn, I tried to gather my trendiest pieces, as you can maybe already see on the picture. It’s always a guess if an outfit will totally come together (or not..). But when you arrive to the show, and the photographers start clicking their cameras: you know you’ve done good.
3. The shows/events
The final fashion week schedules always appear very late (as in: one week before the actual Fashion Week). Nonetheless, we already start contacting brands and PR agencies way before that. For some Fashion Weeks, such as LFW, you have to get accredited. Applying for your accreditation is also something you need to do in advance. You have to prove that your website is going strong and that you have enough (dedicated!) readers. That’s the part where you guys kick in, and you can’t imagine how grateful I am for having you ❤️.
4. The shoot locations
Whoever thinks that an Instagram pic takes a second to make and another one to post, is so sooo wrong. You don’t only need to make sure that a picture fits well into your Instagram feed, but it has to have the perfect Fashion Week vibe. If it looks like your picture could have been taken any time in the year, and not specifically during Fashion Week, you’re not getting the best out of the opportunity. This, and also because we simply don’t have the time for it when we’re there, is why Frederik and I search for possible shoot locations way beforehand. And of course, the same thing goes for Fashion Week articles.

Well, that’s it guys! I hope you liked this little article about how I prepare for Fashion Week, and I hope you will like my Paris Fashion Week outfits/pictures/snaps/.. I’m leaving tomorrow, and I’m soooo excited!! 😍



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