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Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

A hotel like you’ve never seen one before.

A while ago, I was invited by Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam for a one night stay. And off course I immediately said yes! It became an unforgettable experience. As you’ll notice later on this article, The Grand really managed to exceed my wildest expectations. I’m convinced, that if you’ll stay there, you’ll end up sharing my thoughts.
So, why should you book your stay asap? Here are my 5 reasons why:

1. The service
Up until now, I’ve never been to a hotel with a service as exquisite as this one. The Grand is known for its around the clock butler service (which is unique in Amsterdam!), and therefore attracts many Eastern hotel guests. But hey, they definitely also swept this ‘Western’ chickie off her feet.. Luiz, our very own butler, was the sweetest. Nothing was too much, and he made us feel welcome from the start. For those of you who are asking themselves what kind of things a butler can do for you.. here are a few examples:
*bringing you champagne: check. ✅
*drawing an aromatherapy bath: check (they also let you chose between different types of bath oils). ✅
*making reservations: check. ✅
*packing/unpacking: prefer to do it myself. ✖️
*helping you with your pillow choice: this is no joke.. and no, I haven’t tried this one out haha.
And so much more..
2. The luxurious rooms
The Grand has more than 200 rooms. Fifty-two of them are suits, which is a rather big number if you ask me. This proofs even more that they put a strong focus on luxury, what I absolutely adore (sorry not sorry 🙊). Frederik and I stayed in one of the astonishing Imperial suites, with a view over the hotel’s courtyard. It’s safe to say that the room was spacious enough (read: the room was HUGE). Every aspect of our suite was absolutely magical, as you can see on the pictures.
3. Restaurant Bridges
The Grand has six restaurants and bars. The two main restaurants are ‘Le Petit Bistro’ (a lounge restaurant) and ‘Bridges’ (a Michelin starred restaurant). The latter is said to be the best fish restaurant in Amsterdam, so we opted to have dinner there. From the cozy setting (with a view on the canals!) to the delicious food, we enjoyed every minute of it. The breakfast is also served at Bridges and it consists of a small buffet and a à la carte menu. Frederik and I completely let ourselves go (helloooo calories), and we ordered eggs Benedicte, eggs Florentine (my fave), blueberry pancakes and fresh fruit. We ate it all and we’re still craving for more.. Not because it wasn’t enough, but simply because it was that good.
4. The history
The Grand is located in a 15th century building, which once was the Dutch Admiralty and later the city hall. In 1966, Queen Beatrix married Claus there, and even nowadays it’s still a famous wedding location. I love how The Grand has embraced its history. You can book a tour through the hotel, and a hotel guide will show you all the important historical spots, and of course, the wedding hall. When you go on a walk through the building, you can still find hints of ‘the old days’. For example, the beautiful stained glass windows in the stair well, which I absolutely loved.
5. The location
Located right between the Red Light district and ‘De Dam’, The Grand forms the perfect base to explore stunning Amsterdam. Frederik and I took advantage of the superb location and did everything on foot.

Thank you Sofitel Legend The Grand for the wonderful, luxurious, and beyond amazing stay.


For more information about Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam, click here.


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