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Curves, or don’t.

Great fashion, no rules.

Some dresses are made for woman with curves. If you ask me, this white Self-Portrait dress is one of them. Normally, I never feel comfortable wearing a skintight dress -let along one with cleavage- but some dresses just force you to make an exception on the rule you so carefully imposed yourself. I think it’s the lace that kind of swept me away. Or the fact that I feel so absolutely confident in it. This just proves once again that you have to try something out, before you can judge it. Great fashion simply has no rules. I wore it for a casual family event, which was the perfect occasion for it. I even got lots of compliments, so I guess I may have to break some of my other fashion rules very soon haha!


Self-Portrait dress / Valentino heels / Essentiel clutch 


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