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Bang Bang

Trendy, yet comfy.

I still had some Amsterdam outfits left to show you guys, and this one here is one of them. I always find it difficult to come up with a trendy -yet comfy!- outfit for when I’m on a citytrip. I’m always doubting between flats or heels.. I don’t know why but I definitely feel more confident when I’m wearing a cute kitten heel, or a killer pump, or sexy stiletto,.. It’s silly right? But when I want to explore a city for an entire day, heels can often be a challenge.. So thank God for cool sneakers! And choosing a sneaker doesn’t mean that you’re outfit can’t be classy. I wore my ‘bang bang’ Pull & Bear sneakers with a high-waist Zara skirt and a simple tee, and I still felt very elegant. Oh, and the best part? That day, we had gone all over town, and my feet didn’t hurt one single minute. HEAVEN.


Joseph t-shirt / Zara skirt / Balenciaga backpack / Pull & Bear sneakers


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