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Trend: see-through shades

Darker shades are out, and translucent ones are IN!

It doesn’t matter if your shades are yellow, pink, orange or blue-tinted, as long as they’re translucent. This trend only popped up a few months ago and has been going strong ever since. Dior reworked their popular ‘so real’ model into a translucent version with rose lenses. Rayban even dedicated an entire summer collection to it (more about this very soon guys!). They add a playful pop of color into an everyday outfit, and the beauty of tinted lenses is that you can wear them inside and out. But beware, to pull it off it’s key to tone down the rest of your look. You can go for a vampish lip, but keep your hair sleek and avoid lots of color in your clothes. My first see-through shades were these yellow ones from Mango. I wanted to try the trend out so badly, but I didn’t want to spend lots of money on it since I wasn’t sure it was going to be something for me. But as you can already guess.. in the meanwhile I added a few more translucent ones to my collection ????.


Filles à Papa t-shirt / Mother jeans / Proenza Schouler bag / Balenciaga boots / Mango shades 


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