More about Atelier Rebul

Last Tuesday, I went to Atelier Rebul for a skincare treatment. And it was a-ma-zing! 😍

A few weeks ago, Atelier Rebul openend their first Belgian store in Hasselt. At their opening event, I got to know the brand a little bit more and I was lucky enough to try out a few products. I went for the avocado-coconut shampoo, the swiss snow algae recovery day cream and the lavender perfume. Although I just got to know Atelier Rebul, I felt immediately at home at their Hasselt store. When I spotted the first floor where all the skincare treatments find place, I knew I had to make myself an appointment there. The soft pink color on the walls, the slight touch of the afternoon sunlight and the fantastic smell of the interior candles.. Everything there makes me feel right at home. So last Tuesday, I went to Atelier Rebul for my skincare treatment. And it was a-ma-zing! My skin (which is normally very dry) never felt softer and, after an hour of complete relaxation, I felt totally at ease.

Bonus point? When your face mask needs the obligate 10 minutes to work its way into your skin, the beautician gives you a hand massage..




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