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Colette’s closing!

The end of an era.

I remember it well, my first time at Colette. The atmosphere, the people, the clothes. Everything just screams fashion. Over the years, Colette became my favorite go-to spot whenever I was in Paris. I just hadn’t been to the city of love without having been at Colette. It’s where I bought Frederik little ‘I’m back home-presents’ every time I had to be in Paris for business (always a t-shirt 😄), where I first spotted Gigi and Kendall (let’s just say that Kylie isn’t the only one with fake lips..), where I bought literally all the fashion books I currently own and so much more. There is a little café just across the street where my mom and I always have a glass of Chardonnay while checking out all the people that enter and exit Colette. Some very fashionable, and some.. not that fashionable 😝. To me, Colette brings a certain vibe to the Rue St Honoré.. A luxurious, limited and lovable vibe, wrapped in a French coat. A vibe that I’m so gonna miss.
Scroll down to check out some of my memories there!


Colette will officially close at December 20th 2017.

Kendall (and Derek Blasberg) at Colette

At the Café across Colette

Favorite book buy @ Colette

Picture Colette from


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