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The strongest woman I know

A passion for fashion. Even through the darkest times.

When my brother told me he had a girlfriend, my heart skipped a beat. I was in shock. My little brother, a girlfriend? Who? When? Whyyyy? It’s safe to say that I’m a very protective sister. But then I met the girl that stole my brother’s heart, and immediately she stole mine too. We share the same addiction for fashion and can talk about bags for hours. Even now when she’s sick, she still manages to look fabulous every single day. She’s an inspiration for everyone of us if you ask me. Even through the darkest times, while battling the worst illness of them all, she has this energy that sets a room on fire.

So here it is. Written by the strongest woman I know, my sister-in-law Tessa Vanderspikken.

PS: I wish cancer got cancer and died.


My absolute favourite outfit is my monkey onesie from Primark. I wore that onesie all the time when I was studying in my dorm.
Fashion should be practical in the first place. Feeling good and confident in the clothes you wear is a must.

Many people think black is a sad and boring colour. I absolutely disagree! I love wearing black coloured clothes. And my wardrobe tells no different story. 70% of my clothes are black, 20% grey and just 10% coloured. Saying black is my favourite colour most certainly is an understatement.

When I got sick, I thought I would wear my onesie and PJ’s all the time, never leave the house and just be sad all the time. Luckily this isn’t the case. I still wear super comfy clothes when I’m home, but certainly not as much as I first anticipated.

I always have had a passion for make-up. I love it when friends ask me for advice or to do their make-up. I didn’t expect to still love doing my make-up and dress up. It is a very relaxing thing to do for me, but also a very fatiguing one.

The treatment of my illness included losing my hair. The moment the doctor told me this; I knew I didn’t want a wig. I instead bought special tailored ‘beanies’. These were specifically made for people with no hair. I bought 4 of those ‘beanies’ from the brand Rosette La Vedette. They used a special fabric so it wouldn’t irritate the skin. I really like these beanies and highly recommend them to anyone.

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law have two boutiques, called ‘ZIN.’. They are my number 1 ‘go-to’ for fashion advice. I even worked for a couple of weeks at ZIN. Leuven. My passion for fashion is growing, and I am becoming more aware that wearing coloured outfits can be just as much fun as wearing black! So maybe, just maybe, I will wear a little less black in the future. 😉

Enjoy the little things in life!

Xx Tessa



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