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3 days in CPH

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Little travel diary: what to do when you have three days in Copenhagen.

We stayed at the wonderful Andersen Boutique Hotel. I can only recommend you do too when visiting Copenhagen.. Not only the location is superb (a 2 min. walk from Tivoli Park). The hotel is both practical and beautiful. Our princess suite conquered me at first sight: very spacious and so sooo pink! During our check-in, we were advised to take the stairs, because there would be several surprises on all the different floors ready to get discovered. Since our room was located on the 5th floor we didn’t take the stairs that often (read: never) until our last day. My curiosity caught up on me and I went for it. I discovered homemade cookies on one floor, some candy on another and a few fashionable water bottles on yet another floor.  Not yet convinced about the Andersen? Each day they offer a complimentary wine hour from 5-6pm. Enough said.

Copenhagen is a very beautiful town. But it’s -surprisingly- not that big, which makes it just perfect to ride with a bike from one place to another. And that’s exactly what we did. Our first day we took bikes at our hotel (free of charge!) and headed for Nyhavn. For lunch, we had some delicious smorrebrod at Almanak. Afterwards we continued our bike tour to The Little Mermaid (a must see), Christiana (no must see) and Amaliënborg (a must see). We ended our day with complimentary wine at our hotel and dinner at Fiskebar.
Funny detail: don’t go biking when you’re wearing a destroyed jeans. Mine suddenly got so ‘destroyed’, my butt cheek was almost hanging out.. 

Most of you already know I’m a true-hearted Disney fan. I couldn’t wait to discover Copenhagen, the city of Hans Christian Andersen, the city of fairy tales. Our second day we went to the Tivoli Park, an amusement park that managed to conjure up those magical feeling in my tummy. Tivoli was totally covered in a cosy Halloween atmosphere. We went on a few attractions, enjoyed -more than 1- hot cocoa and had pizza for lunch at Mazzoli’s, an Italian restaurant inside the Tivoli Park. We ended our day -once again- with complimentary wine at our hotel.. For dinner we went to the Nimb Hotel (located on the border of Tivoli).

Our third and last day was entirely devoted to shopping. Copenhagen is known for its minimalistic fashion style and I was very eager to get te know more about it. We avoided popular (read: touristic) shopping streets such as Ströget and went for the little side streets. Personal favorite shopping streets: Niels Hemmingsens Gade, Gammel Mont, Store Regnegade and Laederstraede. Personal favorite stores: Holly Golightly, Ganni, Stilleben and Storm. For lunch we went to Papiroen, in English known as Paper Island, a place where you can enjoy all different kinds of street food. I can totally recommend it.

After 3 days in Copenhagen our citytrip had come to an end. We took the train to the airport and off we were, back to Belgium.





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