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Monsieur Maison

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From a regular scarf to an exceptional item.

Monsieur Maison is a Belgian brand founded by designer Emmanuel Demuynck. Known for their unique scarfs, Monsieur Maison made a name for itself over the past years. Mr. Demuynck managed to make an exceptional item out of a regular scarf by going for exceptional prints and luxurious fabrics. As some of you might recall, I was wearing a Monsieur Maison scarf for my very first LFW outfit, as you can see right here. Imagine my excitement when I heard they had expanded their offer by luxurious beach wear.
This tropical printed dress was just perfect for a day by the pool in Barcelona.


Monsieur Maison dress / Balenciaga sandals / Dior sunglasses
(Monsieur Maison will soon be available @ ZIN. Leuven & Hasselt)


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