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In the blink of an eye

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There are some moments in life that are unique in their own way. These pictures describe such a moment.

While the sun started to set on our last evening at Maison Valvert, our treehouse was overthrown with the most beautiful evening light. Although I wasn’t very much picture ready (read: had been sick the entire afternoon and was wearing pretty much no make up), there was something magical in the air. I don’t know if it was the absolute tranquility out there, or the fact that Frederik and I could finally enjoy some quality time, but everything at that exact moment felt just right. We’ve shot these pictures in -I guess- 5 minutes and afterwards had a drink at our terrace. We were in our own happy bubble. Those are the moments I’ll cherish the most when being back in Belgium.

And in the blink of an eye the sun set.


Maison Margiela dress (from ZIN. Leuven) / Chanel bag / Topshop heels


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