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The One


After five wonderful years together, Frederik and I are engaged.

I’ve been doubting long and hard if I should share our story, and if yes – then how I would tell it. But I figured out that I can’t keep a sentimental milestone like this one from you – my dearest readers.

The answer to the burning question “How did he propose?” is that it all went down in Paris, in a hotel room, with the most romantic view on the Eiffel Tower. To say he caught me off guard is an understatement. Yes we’ve been together for a long time but I’ve never expected it right there and then, never in a million years.
We were in Paris for Fashion Week, so I kind of had my ‘work mode’ on. That specific Thursday we went from show to appointment to yet another show, and ended our day at Ralph’s. Throughout our busy schedule, we already quickly checked-in at our hotel and ended up having an upgrade since there was an overbooking. Best upgrade ever by the way. After our dinner at Ralph’s we headed back to our hotel, with me being super excited to have a private view from our room on the Eiffel Tower and all its lights. Before entering our room, Frederik told me I had to close my eyes because he had a little surprise for me (his exact words were: “I ordered something online for you, just a little present”). He led me into our room and seconds later I could -finally- open my eyes. And there he was, on one knee. I guess I proceeded to have an out of body experience, slightly went cross-eyed, and exclaimed: “Yes. YES!!”. It was only then I realized how well he had played it all along. Even the people from the hotel were in on it.. Even now, I still can’t believe how he managed to pull this all off and even more unbelievable is how he managed to keep it a secret from me for all this time. Afterwards he told me that he’d been planning to ask me to marry him from July last year. The fact that he had been planning for such a long time, made me melt even more. It felt like everything leading up to that particular moment (even the moment we first met) had been faith. Life has it ways.

I honestly feel as if we are the luckiest people in the world. It just doesn’t happen that often that you are lucky enough to find ‘the one’. The one that will sweep you off your feet. The one you want to share all your stories with: both good and bad. Simply: the one you want to grow old with.



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