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Because beauty brands that do not test on animals always capture my attention.

I feel most sexy on two occasions: when I’m wearing beautiful (and matching!) lingerie or when my skin and makeup are on point. For me, an outfit isn’t totally complete without a glowy and healthy skin – with a touch of makeup. As for the cosmetics,  I tend to go for the same products I’ve been using for ages now. But sometimes change isn’t a bad thing. When the lovely Lien from Best Cosmetics contacted me and shared her story, I knew we would come to a great collaboration. As much as I love skincare and beauty products from brands such as Clinique, La Mer, Chanel and Biotherm, I find it such a pity that many of these products are still animal-tested. Nowadays, there are so many great alternatives, and Best Cosmetics offers you lots of them. I tested (and approved) three products of Mesauda: the shine flex (gel effect) nail polish, the backstage lipstick and the pretty woman face creme cleansing. Extra credits go out to the lipstick; the amazing texture makes my lips look more shiny than ever.
Conclusion: not only the products are great, but you can also be positive that every single product on isn’t animal-tested. And you know what? Things like that make my heart sing.



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