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“Show what you got, hide what you need.”

I have always been inspired by strong and powerful women. Not to make this a section only about inspirational women -and not men- but I think I kind of get drawn to it. That’s exactly how I stumbled upon ‘Mimo’. Knowing Michèle from my time at university in Leuven, I already followed her on Instagram. One day, while scrolling through my favorite social medium, a super beautiful clutch caught my eye. I immediately contacted Michèle because I was convinced her bags were something for ZIN. A few days ago, Elle Belgium wrote an article about Mimo, calling it ‘the newest Belgian it-bag you must have’. That’s exactly how I think.
Enjoy Michèle’s story.


I am Michèle, born and raised in Belgium, and I have always been inspired by my grandmother’s clothes and accessories. As a child, I have always been creative with things I could find in the house and I loved to make my own clothes out of old curtains. My childhood dream was to create and design my own brand.
After working in New York and Milan, I knew there was a big world to explore and new things to discover. While living in these big fashion-minded cities, I saw how new trends evolved and how passionate people in the fashion industry are. Thanks to years of modeling I got more and more evolved in fashion, where one thing led to another.
After several years of studying in Marketing Management and Trendwatching I kept being focused on that one single dream. So I hoped for the best and started to draw purses again, hoping them once to become real…

So let’s talk about Mimo!

“Show what you got, hide what you need” is a perfect way to describe the women of the 21st century. I used this quote to describe the Mimo brand. The bags are half see through which means you can show the world ‘on purpose’ what kind of person you are! A lipstick, some perfume, a nice Polaroid picture are all part of turning this bag into your own lifestyle. On the other hand, there are a few things in a woman’s purse that doesn’t need to be seen… That’s why there is always a little bag to hide those items.
Mimo stands for original, eye-catching bags for women who dare to upgrade their outfit with a see through purse.

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Instagram: @mimo_by_michele
Facebook: @Mimo



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