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Mary Poppins

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Rainy days ask for a touch of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

I don’t now why, but every single time it’s raining and I’m walking around in heels while holding my umbrella, I start feeling like Mary Poppins. I guess that once you’re a Disney fan by heart it never truly fades away.
When I’m writing an article I often get super drawn into it. This time was no exception. So I started immersing myself into everything I could find about ‘the umbrella’. That’s how I bumped into the funniest article about ‘umbrella etiquette’, which actually comes very much in hand this time of the year (hello rainy Belgium!). If you’re looking for the perfect rainproof item, I can definitely recommend this MM6 skirt from ZIN. It’s never fun to arrive at a party or dinner with an outfit that’s entirely covered in raindrops, so this (fake) leather skirt can be your game changer on those rainy days.


Maison Margiela body / MM6 skirt / Zara heels / Balenciaga ring


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