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Some unpublished ones from this year’s trip to Saint-Tropez.  

When we just came back from our Saint-Tropez trip in August, I started scrolling down all my travel pictures to decide which ones to post an article about. Somehow I decided not to share the ones above since I thought the quality wasn’t on point. Today I finally decided to clean my desktop (which I truly hate) and that’s how I stumbled upon my St Tropez photo album. I don’t know why I wasn’t too sure about the quality back then. Somehow I fell in love with these golden oldies. Maybe ’cause it’s winter and I’m longing for summer. Maybe ’cause sometimes minds get changed. Maybe ’cause I’m (again) longing for a holiday break. Who knows. But there’s one thing I’m super sure about: I’m a summer person! Although the winter weather is treating us in a very very kind way this year, I can’t wait to wear bikinis again! And dresses (without stockings). And sandals. And sunglasses.


Topshop dress / Balenciaga sandals / Proenza Schouler PS11 bag / Dior sunglasses


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