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Twenty-five: check. / Crazy cat lady: check.

A little off topic, but I wanted to officially introduce you all to my cat Jaguar. He’s 22, often thinks he’s a dog, and probably the cuddliest animal in the entire world. It’s safe to say I’m among those, oh let’s say, millions of people who are obsessed with their cat and cats in general. Normally, I wasn’t planning to share an article like this on my birthday, but yesterday something went wrong with transferring photos from our camera to the computer. All hell broke lose: our photo material was completely gone. Since I really wanted to share something on my birthday, I went through my archives and came up with these cute pictures of Jaguar. If you ask me, he’s just the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen. He paws at my head in the morning to try and wake me up and if this fails he’ll either curl up into a ball and sleep next to my head or sleep on my head (no kidding). Here’s to all us crazy-cat-ladies out there: we rock. And here’s to myself. To the fact that turning 25 isn’t that bad at all.



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