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Beautiful Bandos

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Our little island home away from home. 

Bandos is a tropical island resort centered in the North Malé Atoll and is commonly known as one of the atolls with the most vegetation. The beautiful flora and fauna was immediately noticeable from the moment I set foot on the island. It really gave me that ‘Expedition Robinson’ kinda feeling. Bandos isn’t a regular hotel. To me, it seemed more like a little village located on an island than an actual hotel. There were beach cabins and villas, water villas, a spa, several restaurants and even more bars,.. but everything was spread out over the entire island, so you (luckily) never had the ‘big hotel atmosphere’. Sometimes it almost felt like being on a deserted island.

So here is my top 7 of things you must do at and/or around Bandos:

-Book a water villa. Needless to explain when an image says more than a thousand words. So I’ll let the pictures in this article speak for themselves..
-Have teppanyaki dinner at the Sea Breeze restaurant. I’ve already had my fair share of teppanyaki experiences, but this one ranks at the top of my list. The food was so simple, yet so delicious. And the service was more than excellent.
-Take an Orchid Spa treatment. On our second day, we were still a little jet lagged so we decided to go for a relaxing Spa treatment. After a 85min. massage (which unfortunately felt like only 10sec.), I was totally reborn and my energy levels were up again.
-Go snorkeling. You can’t say you’ve seen the Maldives when you haven’t discovered the Maldivian underwater life. Swimming next to little sharks, a big jellyfish, or straight through schools of fish, are things I’m never going to forget. I would also recommend taking a good underwater camera with you, because I guarantee you’ll regret it if you don’t.
-Have an intimate candlelight dinner at the beach. You can’t go more romantic than this.. We had lobster as main course, and it was by far the biggest lobster I’ve ever seen in my life.
-Drink a Kurumba Colada. If you like pina colada..then nothing will beat the experience of drinking it straight out of a fresh coconut. Definitely the best pina colada I’ve ever tasted!
-Explore the island. My last ‘must do’, but certainly not the least important. You can really find absolute tranquility when you wander around the island. And you’ll discover places that are just too good to be true.

My vacation to the Maldives was one of the most beautiful trips I’ve ever made. Not only because of the surreal and mesmerizing nature, but also because I’ve been here with the ones I love. Memories are worth more than gold. And that’s what traveling is all about if you ask me.

I would also like to express my gratitude towards Eelaf, the marketing and social media manager of Bandos Island Resort & Spa. Thank you for making my stay here extra special! 



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