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Here’s something incredibly special: say hi to my collaboration with LabelCrush Fashion.

A few weeks ago I was asked as Girl Crush of the Moment for this online shopping platform. I immediately got over-the-top excited. I already was familiar with the LabelCrush phenomenon -yes I’m a shop addict- and you can imagine how honored I was to be asked as their next girl crush. Especially when I realized that I’d be following some influential fashionistas such as Tiany Kiriloff and many more (you can check out the all the previous girl crushes here). So after enthusiastically accepting this ‘girl crush-proposal’, I was invited at their headquarters in Antwerp for a little photoshoot and interview. Hope you like the result as much as I do : ). A big BIG thanks to the wonderful girls at LabelCrush! You can check out ànd shop my closet by clicking on this link.




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