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Another culture, another way of life.

I’ve been back in Belgium for two days now, but I’m already missing the South of France like crazy. Everytime I’m on vacation I get so inspired by literally everything. Another culture, another way of life. Being in a place where I’ve never been before really seems to amplify my creativity. And that was exactly the case when we were visiting Cogolin. Well, ‘visiting’, we were passing through this little town, when suddenly I realized the pure -and gorgeous- simplicity of it. We immediately pulled our car aside to take some photos. I don’t know why, but little places like this, more than the big towns such as St Tropez and Nice, always manage to sweep me off my feet.


Christian Wijnants top / Ann Demeulemeester skirt (ZIN. Leuven) / Zara jacket & clutch / Topshop shoes


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